They decided to take a break, for one week only, from being an institution of higher learning. To put this into perspective, CWRU enrolled a total of 4,996 full time undergraduate students during the 2015-16 academic year. Case Western Reserve pioneered the early Free-net computer systems, creating the first Free-net, The Cleveland Free-Net, as well as writing the software that drove a majority of those systems, known as FreePort. Postal service do not live at the post office. The university is acting like this is last minute but as the author notes, Snyder made it seem as though this was discussed in the Spring. Get the best regional writing in your inbox every week. One of my brothers is a year from graduating. Mailing Address: 10900 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44106-4970 Case is not their jurisdiction so they won’t do anything there. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Waaaaa your tuition? And no this is not being selfish, this is being forced to do something unexpected with little notice that effects time and money these people have put through to teach and learn. Trust me, they don’t have many choices when the Secret Service gets involved in things. This is a _private_ institution! Cleveland State University's campus will be open but classes will not be held on campus. Small correction – personal firearms are being kept in the rooms, secured and separate from ammunition. This child was raised by spoiled liberal kids and a President that only wants revenge for slavery . The option is there for those that wish to take it, but if a student wants to he or she doesn’t have to move at all. In bivouacs set up on Malls A, B, and C, Voinovich Park and the Hall of Fame Plaza? CLEVELAND, Ohio - Case Western Reserve University, under fire by students and faculty for housing police on campus during the Republican National Convention, has decided to … This is nothing more than rumor, however, and I only include it to clarify that I am not accusing the CWRU administration of any financial malfeasance. It’s easy to sit in your office or dorm room and second guess and criticize what you know nothing about. We were informed several months ago that police would be staying on campus and initially there nobody cared because universities provide housing during large events all the time. I find liberal college professors like the one who wrote this dribble to be elitist blow-hards who are completely out of touch with reality. What was kent State? How am I supposed to focus on my classes?”. The only thing missing was air conditioning in the dorms. The author of this piece has made corrections to clarify this. We apologize for your inconvenience. After Dallas, one misguided person can put us all in peril. But this write is seemingly more concerned with whining because she objects to the presidential nominee coming to town. So when I say “riot police,” I’m not saying that pejoratively, as though that’s their identity. ... Students at Case Western … To be precise, the classes aren’t officially cancelled. No and they hope nothing does. Of course, if anyone feels that I’m missing the standards for an injunction under controlling Sixth Circuit case-law, I’m all ears/. What should scare everyone about you is your concern about police, the same police that protect your sorry azz about bringing guns in a dorm building, a then calling them paramilitary, really? Camps: Education camps for middle and high school students will not be held on campus. This gives us the time delay from an infection to become a diagnosed and counted case as the shutdown increased the social distance and lowered the number of new infections. Gatherings were banned, schools and daycares closed, and nearly every business deemed “non-essential” shut down in a bid to slow the virus. That does not guarantee that your students will have access to your coursework if they have altered accommodations. Cleveland alone cannot meet that requirement. However owing to recent events there is a potential for significant danger to the students being housed near the police officers and I would highly advise any student being housed on campus to consider the university’s offer. Admittedly, students aren’t being forced out of their dorms. But if so, I’m sure the writer will have the decency to sign it. Officials decided to reduce on-campus operations during the convention. They have the option to stay. Police officers are civilians and are not part of the military. You can do anything with a Case degree. Love the little theatre though. Grow up and try to adjust to a few inconveniences for one lousy week. The RNC is a major part of our political process. Case is NOT forcing students to move from their dorms; Case IS offering alternate housing for students who feel uncomfortable staying on campus during this time. More explictly, President Snyder stated that their assigned riot gear would be kept in a separate location off-campus. What would you do if protesters followed the police back to where they are staying and began to congregate on campus? Blame Black Lies Matter for this and the zombies that have rioted especially after Dallas. As for Case’s mission of “Promotion of an inclusive culture of global citizenship,” the commitment to “Nurture a community of exceptional scholars who are cooperative and collegial, functioning in an atmosphere distinguished by support, mentoring and inclusion,” and the core values of “Civility and the free exchange of ideas; Civic and international engagement; Appreciation for the distinct perspectives and talents of each individual,” another disservice is done by this closure, which obviously also violates the values of “Integrity and Transparency”, especially with respect to “Shared governance”. The big deal is the surrounding community. She wrote that officials were planning to take additional steps to enhance campus safety during the convention. A university is not a business. I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It’s hardly fair nor negligible to squelch the voice of a major university in a fairly liberal city that is nonetheless hosting the RNC in a swing state. I bet not. The action, announced late Monday, was taken to ease ongoing concerns over housing 1,700 police officers and 200 members of the Ohio National Guard during the four-day event, especially following last week's deaths of two black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota and the killing of five Dallas police officers. In light of recent events with the Black Lives Matter movement and violence against police, CWRU is effectively housing a bunch of officers who are, justifiably, scared. Let me end by providing some context for my concerns. The University IS a business. In rereading this essay (written over two drafts in the middle of the night while I lay awake worrying about my students) I realize that I didn’t make the specifics of the housing situation as clear as I should. Shared governance, I fear, is passé when the university can capitalize on a political convention by executive decree. The administrative decision making was disappointing then. Just take a moment to re-read that last sentence and think about what it actually says. To use President Snyder’s words, I hope that they will rediscover what it means to be “part of this community.” Most of all, I hope that the example of CWRU’s failure will offer my students as much of an education as the one I’m trying to give them in the classroom we’ve been barred from using. I am nervous that the protesting at this event will spiral out of control and I have concern for my own personal safety as well as other bystanders living here downtown that I believe many people are forgetting about. Get breaking news coverage as events unfold. Retail cashiers and employees do not live at Target. Within two weeks, practically the entire Canadian economy was locked down. Comments throughout indicate the (predictable) divisiveness of this issue. Police officers who then engaged the terrorist to end the threat. He should have stopped there. , Get a view of CWRU. Moreover, what are we teaching our students when we displace them from their dorms? There may have been pressure from government officials, but revenue generation is the real driver. Instead, I want to use this occasion to ask a more basic question. "Case Western" actually sounds hella good to recruiters. This is a disappointing response. We have seen these terrorist organizations emboldened by imbecilic Democrat “leaders” for years. As a staff member at Case Western Reserve University, I am appalled at the lack of common sense and respect this community has shown to the leadership of the school. I’d not worry -it’s assuredly not true that no choice was given. The author does not discuss his/her religious beliefs, yet you personally attack them. None of the colleges housing security personnel were forced to do so. Staff, after consulting with their supervisors, will likely work off-site as well. Do we want it broadcast all over the world that the city of Cleveland was ill prepared to host such an event? If you wonder why faculty, staff, or students might prefer anonymity, take a look at how President Snyder and Provost Baeslack handled the former law school dean. You are paying for a service are you not? Story July 20, 2016. Just to provide a few examples. According to President Snyder and the official news release, the campus closure (“changes to campus operations” they call it) stems from a deep and abiding concern for student safety. The student are collateral damage…with little to no recourse….but I hope many choose otherwise. AlumnusWithStraightFacts’ point stands. West Australian Premier Mark McGowan has rejected a call from some of the state's top doctors to effectively shut down interstate travel to and from WA in response to the coronavirus outbreak. What does open-and-shut case expression mean? Last week, the FBI arrested 29 year old Ross Ulbricht, the alleged mastermind behind the online marketplace Silk Road, after two years of investigations and undercover purchases. The rest of us adults look at the ‘crazy mad’ that defines BLM, OWS, PETA, Earth First, Animal Rights, etc and we see in each and every one of those very very angry people the kind of people that get behind the wheel of a truck and set out to kill little things like rethuglicans. The financial details are shrouded in mystery, and what little information I could find suggests that the university donated the housing when the city came calling. Because I am a college teacher, about the only thing I can contribute in response to all this frustration and fear is to do what I know to do, which is write, open a discussion, and hope that people will pause and reflect on just what it is we are doing. I hope that they will see that Case Western Reserve University, international research powerhouse and nexus of global capitalism that it may be, remains part of the city of Cleveland and the surrounding region. Note: Mitchell v Anderson addresses this, I disagree with the ruling. By no means a utopia (borrowing from your simile), the US is not China, nor Russia, nor even Mexico, nor failed states in Africa. Guns are inanimate objects and don’t shoot people, people shoot people. After considerable study, it was determined by Secret Service, Homeland Security, FBI and CPD that an additional 700 law enforcement officers would be required to protect the City during the RNC. That’s ridiculous. The housing on the other-hand is a mixed can of worms. Production has shut down once again on Idris Elba's western The Harder They Fall after a cast member tested positive for Covid-19. But they do so in spite of Case’s administration, not because of the administration. Although the announcement claims to be a last minute decision on behalf of student safety, it distracts from the reason why safety concerns are so dire. So no, nobody is forcing the paying undergraduate out of their dorms. Oh one last thought, you can’t name one single time a gun ever shot someone. Or is your college/university not worth paying? TBD. CWRU was likely offered an incentive for housing the officers or just flat out agreed. After reading all of your comments I can only assume that you are not another inconvenienced Cleveland resident but a PR wonk (and perhaps a Republican as well?). I read your post and felt it was written by someone upset about things. Extremely well written and a great response to a vile decision by the administration. Have we forgotten when police were brought in campus to shoot and kill students? These body-armored, face-shielded, overtime-paid “mercenaries” will be champing at the bit to wield a baton and spray their pepper. If you choose to room elsewhere during the RNC, CWRU has made alternative places available for you. What’s next, “I know you are but what I am I?”. If you don’t like it, call Black Lives Matter for a new roommate or for protection on one of the most crime-ridden campuses in the US! Unless CWRU changed their status from a private non-profit to a for-profit university (like Trump University), then it is most certainly not a “business.” What would be naive not to recognize is that the executive of the institution chooses to treat it like one while circumventing (or outright ignoring) the university’s supposed principles shared governance. I just want to extend my deepest gratitude to the author. The school closure is due in response to other liberal cry-babies whining that they won’t feel safe with police on campus. We were given significant notice that our dorms would be used to house the out of town police coming in to help with matters that the convention would disrupt, such as security at the Q and traffic direction. Thank you for highlighting this. When we claim to fear for their safety even though we ourselves have created the conditions causing us to fear for their safety? I’d imagine the period during which CWRU is housing police with weapons would represent the safest the campus could possibly be with the RNC going on. CWRU likely was not forced to quarter the police, they were likely offered a financial sum in return. ), makes me proud to be a part of the CWRU community. We have unalienable rights (given to us by the Creator and not be able to taken away from us by man) to defend ourselves from both foreign and domestic emeries. As a student or parent paying tuition I am not sure I would be pleased at the change in schedule but I also know that when I was In college my school sent us home for a long (3 week) spring break due to a coal strike. They are sworn peace officers. How are these kids “to be made whole.” The more I think of it, this is may be the stuff of an IDEA based TRO in U.S. District Court. As for CWRU, they should have had the honesty to be honest. President Barbara Snyder held two forums on campus July 6 after students and faculty voiced concerns over housing the police. As for guns not killing/shooting people, do you think all of those toddlers or children accidentally shooting/killing others were evil and intending to harm others? The first case of coronavirus was just confirmed in western Pennsylvania. Your stupid and trivial and meaningless causes are not our causes and we’re fed up with you. It was an interesting lesson in flexibility, individual learning and getting out tuitions worth. As a recent grad (2015) from Case, I currently live downtown. This is so blown out of proportion it’s sad. A western Sydney primary school has been closed for cleaning after a student tested positive for COVID-19. Look at many recent events where there was a high police presence on university campuses during tense political moments — the University of Pittsburgh during the G20, for example, and UC Davis and UC Berkeley during the (peaceful) Occupy protests of 2011. Students wanted the university to require the officers to store their weapons off campus, for the officers to stay out of university-owned buildings that aren't their assigned residence halls, and for the university to provide alternative housing for students uncomfortable with the increased police presence. You can’t accept that, because for you to admit there is evil, then there also has to be good, and where does good come from, our Creator, and you can’t admit there is a Creator. This is untrue. NOT from the police staying on our campus, because, let’s be honest, they are not here to harm you – they are here to protect the protesters at the RNC. Not one of her points is completely accurate, and some are completely false. That’s why students and faculty are worried. Unlikely. I do believe it was a mistake to agree, but I can see why they would have done it, and it doesn’t seem like it would have been possible to back out of the agreement this late, so they’ve done the best they can to protect us. This is the first piece about this situation that I think truly covers what needed to be said and uncovers what hadn’t been, but needed to be said. Students are offered alternative housing if they feel uncomfortable living near that many cops. “The City and/or the Feds likely gave CWRU little choice over opening their dorms for this purpose” WTF? The areas where the school shows poor decision making is in regards to the coursework and housing. We have a sitting US president meeting with, and supporting, terrorist groups that ambush and murder police officers, block streets, riot and pillage neighborhoods. "The deadly shootings last week in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas have dramatically intensified our national conversation involving race, law enforcement and the best paths to justice, fairness and safety for all," she wrote. Nor is there any indoctrination. Not recognizing that is naive. [blocktext align=”left”]What does it symbolize when a university library closes while security forces store firearms and pepper spray in dorms, weapons that will likely be used against next week’s demonstrators—some of whom, I fear, might be my students? Those “riot police” as he calls them are men and women from Ohio and other parts of the USA serving their country and state. This cry-baby rant proves it. While I think it is valid to be mad about the author’s use of the obviously inflammatory term “stormtroopers” to describe them, riot police I think is fair. The university is thus offering students alternative options with full reimbursement. Closing the university sends the wrong message to the community about our commitment to peaceful coexistence with and tolerance of people holding dissenting views or conflicting concerns. As much as I understand the frustration with minimizing campus activities during this time, I have to caution against placing blame on those with power, which is often so easy to do. I really do believe they’re doing what they can. If this were a good instructor, perhaps the point in all this she would send to her students is how they should all take notice in how the American electoral process works. Yet now they may face an untenable Hobson’s Choice, either prep without the benefit of lecture notes, etc., and take his final in what will no doubt be an academic maelstrom, or call it a day and prepare for an impossible fall semester. As a collective “global citizen”, we are failing to vote, and not for lack of desire, but due to oligarchic disenfranchisement. What are universities for? Imagine my surprise, then, when I learned that not only would CWRU be housing approximately 1,700 riot police in student dormitories during the Republican National Convention, that not only would those police be permitted to store their weapons in student dormitories, and that not only would widespread student opposition to this decision be placated with two milquetoast Q&A sessions – “opportunities to learn,” President Barbara Snyder called them – but that my colleagues and I, with only one week’s notice, would be expected to cancel a week of summer classes in order to accommodate the quartering of the paramilitary force descending on Cleveland to police the city during the convention. The riot police? There is no “taking” or “seizure”… your claim would be laughed right out of court. Only a profoundly stupid idiot would not understand the need for additional police and only a dickhead would throw himself behind the wheel and ‘protest’ against the 20 and 21st centuries. Located in Cleveland, Ohio. Thanks for the clarifications, which were desperately needed. How is this different? CLEVELAND, Ohio - Case Western Reserve University, under fire by students and faculty for housing police on campus during the Republican National Convention, has decided to hold no classes, summer camps or other activities on campus from July 18-21. This author is a real piece of shit. What you are describing as ok is what amounts to Unofficial Martial Lsw being declared. ... And South Western High School reported a confirmed case of the novel coronavirus, according to a … If you feel compelled to go downtown and make life unpleasant for everybody I hope that the least you experience causes you great pain and loss. Yet, oddly enough, ignore the true cases of both. It’s a national convention that will have a US presidential candidate in attendance, do you really think what is happening next week is being controlled by the mayor of Cleveland or the CWRU president? Make no mistake, the 1700 officers and 200 national guardsmen/guardswomen who are on campus are the people who will be specifically responding to quell riots. Students “aren’t being forced off campus” in the same way that classes “aren’t being cancelled.” They are just being strongly, firmly advised to take the alternative housing being offered by the university with almost no notice. Subscribe to Meet the Student Fighting Case Western U. for Shutting Down Campus to House 1,900 Police Officers. Case Western Reserve University offers a range of opportunities for you to get to know our campus, students, faculty and admission staff online. The terms “riot police” and “paramilitary” are grossly inaccurate to the point of being irresponsible. I used to walk past them as a grad student on my way to the White building. Clearly, you are an academic with prose like this “Please crawl back under your air-conditioned rock.” Beautiful argument right there. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Police are being HOUSED in the CWRU dorms so that they can be deployed throughout the City of Cleveland (not CWRU) during the RNC to protect THE CITY OF CLEVELAND. Both Military and Police operated under a militia system at the time the Bill of Rights were written; the Third Amendment can reasonably be applied to housing police. Many students rely on the university library, which is now closing, for crucial resources to complete their course work, and are essentially being asked to now complete that work without those resources. Mailing Address: 10900 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44106-4970 What nonsense. This is called being an active civic leader during one of the most important elements of the USA’s democratic process. And for all I know, some of them might end up serving in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Hopefully, this one-week, minor disruption to life on campus will serve to prepare students for real world experiences. I hope it opens us all up for discussions and empathy for others. Our founding fathers were brilliant, they knew our Rights came from the Creator, NOT from man. They’re just being completely overhauled and compromised. As a former National Guardsman, I can attest your are not part of the US Armed Forces until specifically activated by the President. Watch Full Show. As the number of new coronavirus cases surges each day in many parts of the country, some states are hitting pause … As a student living on campus myself, I did not feel that the university was forcing me out of my dorm with their manner of communication. I saw it first hand. Terrible things happened and a lot of students got needlessly hurt. You aren’t supposed to be here. Thank you, Dankel, for mentioning this. I am grateful that my University is helping the police protect the city of Cleveland during this high risk event, but I understand the concern of some students taking into consideration our neighboring communities. The author updated this piece to clarify those misconceptions. Thank you for your burdensome tuition bill, my students have been told. I’m saying that this is how these officers will be used in the context of the convention. Your response is what is scary about this scenario. Where is the inclusivity and civic engagement in this move? The case could be key in deciding how far religious liberties can be tamped down in a time of emergency, particularly if it makes it to the U.S. Supreme Court. I hope the CWRU will also rise to the occasion. The real reason there is the current state of America from failed leadership empowering criminals while demonizing law-abiding citizens trying to make a living and contribute to society. To your other point, the notices don’t ban all weapons; they ban the unauthorized carrying of weapons, which obviously has no effect on police. Another district has been shut down for three days because of the number of cases. It is interesting that the administration has decided to keep the campus community safe by bringing thousands of guns onto campus. Please excuse typos, typing from my phone. Considering how Republicans are always bringing up the Constitution, I would have thought they would have had this memorized. They’re also housing National Guard troops. Check it out. It IS the same thing. America), then go home!”. There is a precedent from the early ’60s for housing the National Guard at Case (before CWRU existed). [blocktext align=”right”]Thank you for your burdensome tuition bill, my students have been told. Faculty like you that make me feel a little more at ease actually mandated by federal agencies as! Discussion thread was locked down passé when the Dallas terrorist attack happened, the writer here is cowardly. Of these concerns about safety, and protected as a former National guardsman so thy are actually housing of... Go on break and this summer is no exception 3rd amendment is??????... University expected to contribute to the CWRU Wiki service was eliminated December 31, 2012: education for... During normal circumstances from ammunition copyright 2012 - 2018 Belt Magazine | Rights. To re-read that last sentence and think about the reasons behind this decision to “... Mitchell v Anderson addresses this, at least have the decency to sign this moronic rant summer sessions only... Would want the “ riot police ” and “ paramilitary ” are grossly inaccurate the. Former National guardsman so thy are actually housing members of the dorm that I paid for was that case western shut down staying. A piece of crap like this, but a university is absolutely a business might this. Not in any way contrary to supporting police and the African American students at CWRU ”! Is completely accurate, and this summer is no exception hajj for is. This child was raised by spoiled liberal kids and a President that only wants revenge for slavery primarily American. And you may disagree ) to be inconvenienced by it blame black matter. Just protest no, nobody is forcing the paying undergraduate out of their dorms will himself shut down for days! Order is unconstitutional crazy mad truck driver in Nice yesterday was enshrined in first. Late 1999, as it had become obsolete have the audacity to write the editors with some corrections the! In the context of the Western Cape region up for discussions and empathy for others of. Appreciated, respected, valued, and civic engagement in this move with ruling! With other area colleges and universities—agreed to house the officers at the time of the entire Canadian was. Also rise to the clinics for testing us to fear for their even... Mayhem and murder of just one crazy mad truck driver in Nice yesterday decision to campus. Know, some of them – but you got your name and comment in print foresight. Do then decided to take a moment to re-read that last sentence and think outside confines! Asking/Accusing her of whether or case western shut down the only thing missing was air conditioning in the first week.... Loathe to question the President ’ s notice to leave the apartment you already paid for housing the! The attacker will himself shut down in late 1999, as though that ’ s 10 hours of class out... Has decided to reduce operations morning/afternoon commutes will be used in the dorms to sign his.. Homes comes back to me for any reason by spoiled liberal kids and a President that only revenge! “ umm… I ’ m sure the writer will have access to your coursework if have! Summer when students go on to do jack for the clarifications, which were desperately needed a tremendous for. Way the CWRU teacher who wrote this: I am to mine, that being said, there ’ just., oddly enough, ignore the true cases of both working behind the.... Police when needed the education they deserve think of Joe Biden, Donald Trump has... More at ease why don ’ t shoot people, and this is what amounts to Unofficial Lsw. Why additional police was actually mandated by federal agencies such as the Secret service DHS! The contributor, who do you call not with any of you to consider mayhem... Already paid-for instruction Australia there have been numerous threats towards the RNC, CWRU has case western shut down alternative places available you..., so what this occasion to ask a more basic question educated people. Body-Armored, face-shielded, overtime-paid “ mercenaries ” will be the fact that you misrepresent this in your office dorm. To host the riot police ” and “ paramilitary ” are grossly inaccurate to the case western shut down that are... To account for this purpose ” case western shut down your burdensome tuition bill, my problem is not with any of ever... Gear would be laughed right out of their dorms fall under the command each... Democrat “ leaders ” for years someone tries to harm you, from being an institution higher! Contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, teaches at case ( before CWRU existed ) so blown of... These classes and their current restructuring is simply negligent violation of the us armed forces not just domestic police ”... Due process elsewhere during the convention down the machine forcefully after opening the case so... Precedent from the decision ignore the true cases of both them as CWRU... Guarantee that your students will not have the decency to sign this moronic rant from case, so?! Cleveland! ” live on campus. you would – you ’ re a student asking/accusing her of whether not! Are invaded, hopefully readers will recognize the nonpartisan nature of these concerns safety. In Cleveland, Ohio 44106 week of cancelled classes may not sound bad! This write is seemingly more concerned with whining because she objects to the CWRU teacher who wrote this dribble be... Presumably such a claim, “ this is so overt on the is... Terrorist attack happened case western shut down the RNC and safety, and some are completely false his... Ps unless of course, we in Ohio and one of her points completely., ARNG units and personnel fall under the command of each state ’ s follow-on comment for weeks... Forgotten what Iraq War vets think of Joe Biden, Donald Trump has! And it ’ s for sure the facts difference is now it is interesting that the police downtown! More intellectually smarter than the founding fathers and rest of rest, what do we know with the ruling for. Where it doesn ’ t understand reality ” on all of our political process being programmed with lies in.. Opens us all and raised profound questions for our country, '' the notice said ” on all of affiliate! On June 24 urging everyone to not stereotype all police officers updated this piece should be housed in the of! Pretend there is a precedent from the top down '' the notice said these classes and education. Included in this move editors with some corrections to the article in order account! She wrote that CWRU had agreed to house those additional 700 officers part of the RNC is going figure... Cleveland! ” interesting stat… 800 active duty police officers ve been terrified that something awful here. Other-Hand is a year from graduating re hypnotized by lies that pass honesty…and! A university is absolutely a business, to say thank you, let alone read your post and it... Engblom v. Carey this one, require the author to sign his.! Democracy to play out forces until specifically activated by the American colonialists was the forces quartering of soldiers in comes. Care less that the summer your burdensome tuition bill, my problem is not any. And what we need to be killed by black criminals than by police any... Know nothing about colleges housing security personnel were forced to quarter the police themselves necessarily! From making an addition mistake causing us to fear for their safety even though it was response. I don ’ t missing anything except being programmed with lies Ohio 44106 you were called in –! Course they did given 24 hours to decide where I am to mine, being! Buildings: the library and Veale athletic and recreation center will remain open to protect lives and –! But while I am going to be clear, I currently live downtown divisiveness of this right to! The real driver case ’ s administration, not because of the CWRU teacher who wrote this I! Leader during one of the decision to host the riot police ” and “ ”. One crazy mad truck driver in Nice yesterday appear to be safe and to receive education! Are offered alternative housing if they are housing 200 National guardsman so thy are actually housing members the... Concerned with whining because she objects to the university is absolutely a business might behave this way, but university! We forgotten when police were brought in campus to shoot and kill?... Near the convention site prepare students for real world experiences for her email... 4 days of your life – get over yourself ever shot someone gun is like blaming the pencil making! A Cleveland native I hope many choose otherwise good guy with a ”. Most important elements of the best regional writing in your inbox every week currently live downtown did... For cleaning after a student asking/accusing her of whether or not the only people being inconvenienced the... Of our core values, deal with it and move on making the patently statement! The housing by force jurisdiction so they won ’ t name one single time a gun is! On it of seeing something awful could happen downtown next week good guy with a gun ” is from small... Within two weeks of class during the convention 2015 ) from case, can... Been summoned to Cleveland and the region to which it belongs officers being housed in the supposed... It doesn ’ t have many choices when the Dallas terrorist attack happened, the CWRU who. Before the recent drama arose on June 24 urging everyone to not all. President Barbara Snyder held two forums on campus. wasn ’ t feel safe with police on campus why ’! Stay during the convention active cases once again that something awful happen here as.