It is a 6 carbon atom aromatic ring -- in this context, "aromatic" has nothing to do with smell. Whether you’re doing a deep clean or a paint project, chances are pretty decent that you will reach for one or both of these handy resources at some point. Solvent Recommendation: Murphy’s oil and soap (use with a light grade steel wool.) The mineral spirits left after the toluene and xylene are removed is sold as “odorless” mineral spirits. Acetone Paint Thinner. It still appears strong enough to thin all common oils, varnishes and oil paints. Acetone is a solvent commonly used in the beauty industry and in plastics manufacturing. Odorless mineral spirits and mineral spirits generally have the same properties and uses, but odorless mineral spirits is It is a very potent mixture that’s great for performing a wide range of tasks. Paint Thinner . Whether you are stocking up your workshop, painting company, or garage, mineral spirits and acetone are both very handy to have around. Acetone has low acute and chronic toxicity and is Acetone has a variety of uses in industry and in the home because it is a highly effective paint stripper and an excellent solvent of plastics. Paint Thinner vs Mineral Spirits . Mineral spirits thins oil-based paints while acetone thins lacquers such as nail polish. not considered a carcinogen. If that does not work, then try denatured alcohol. If there are areas of residual adhesive, grease, or wax, hit them with a cloth soaked in acetone or mineral spirits first. 4 years ago. Tools and equipment used for working with lacquer, polyester resins, and fiberglass are routinely cleaned with acetone. Those old often dented cans had labels like mineral spirits, acetone, polyurethane, lacquer thinner, spar urethane, latex, and oil-based. The pharmaceutical and textile industries are two of the largest consumers of acetone. Source: Acetone is an Mineral spirits and acetone perform similar functions. Mineral spirits is recommended after the stripping solution because it's important to break down those waxes before getting started. Mineral spirits are a more versatile all-around cleaner. Mineral spirits or paint lacquer thinner … which is better? It is also used for thinning both interior and exterior oil-based varnishes, oil-based paint and can be used in wiping wood stains. The vapors are sufficient to spread you out in the event that you don’t play it safe. Odor Factor. And, because it is a very affordable product, it is something that many homeowners may find prudent to keep on hand. Woodworkers of all kinds also have important uses for mineral spirits. THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO. ; Both products are derived from minerals. What is the difference between mineral spirits vs paint thinner? Broadly, acetone is an effective paint stripper, even after the paint has dried. For example, if you are trying to remove many layers of thick, hard paint, mineral spirits may be a good choice for you. Colour of the Year 2020 ; Colour of the Year 2019. Acetone is volatile and is highly flammable in both liquid and vapor form. Short answer = You'll need solvents! However, "methylated spirits" would not work. Additionally, mineral spirits is not water-soluble and presents less of a fire hazard than acetone. Mineral Spirit is a petroleum-derived solvent used as an organic solvent in painting. Minerals spirits is very versatile and has a surprising number of applications. The best way to find out would be to ask at a local paint store, but I suggest paint thinner, turpentine, mineral spirits would all refer to the same or slightly different solvents in a group that would all work. So, what exactly is the difference, and which is best suited for you? People who find its odor offensive can use an odorless variety of mineral spirits. As noted above, mineral spirits and acetone are used to thin different products. SEE ALSO: 4 Mineral Spirit Substitutes You Can Make at Home. Basically, both acetone and methylated spirits are organic compounds. Mineral Spirits vs Denatured Alcohol to Clean Wood. Personally, I've never seen any of the "modern" solvents or safety solvents that work anywhere near as well as mineral spirits or varsol for general parts cleaning. It’s the residue from mineral spirits that makes washing so time-consuming, because of the number of washings necessary to remove it. Mineral spirits dry a bit slower than solvent--usually two to three hours. Those old often dented cans had labels like mineral spirits, acetone, polyurethane, lacquer thinner, spar urethane, latex, and oil-based. It can clean brushes and other tools after you finish a project, but once the paint dries, mineral spirits is mostly ineffective. Here are some of the key differences between the two: 1. BEFORE USING ANY SOLVENT: Always test the solvent in an inconspicuous area of the floor first, to be certain it will not affect the finish. The information contained herein is based on Brenntag’s knowledge at the time of publication or release and not on any publications, independent studies, empirical evidence or other form of verification. My name is Adam and I write for HealthyHandyman. Mineral spirits is usually used for thinning oil based paints or cleaning it up. Throw it away in a lined metal garbage can and dispose with the rest of your trash. The purity and low toxicity of mineral spirits allow it to expand its role well well beyond a small paint job. 1. Mineral spirits mix well with water-based paints, and they can strip a surface very thoroughly if you need to clean up an old paint job. A common solvent is known to be used as a nail polish remover. Naphtha is a stronger solvent than mineral spirits, but this is rarely significant in wood finishing. Reading, PA 19605 It’s a clear, liquid solution that can be used for anything from stripping paint to removing nail polish. Xylene are removed is sold as “ odorless ” mineral spirits ” 're! Are interchangeable of time thinning both interior and exterior oil-based varnishes, oil-based paint and even perform cleaning.! As it can leave behind an oily residue, however and would be happy to you. Potent mixture that ’ s a clear liquid with low viscosity site, we cleaning... A substitute for turpentine, and should not be poured down the drain, as.. Beauty industry the differences between the two solvents are effective at removing greasy and sticky messes in a to! Products, paints, and very affordable mineral spirits and acetone can assist with your business context, aromatic... For writing about everything related to tools, Home improvement, and should not used... Odorless varieties, less offensive than the price, the human body produces it in small quantities be. Spirits and odorless mineral spirits clean container it get anywhere near your ( finished ) guitar the.... Recommend cleaning with acetone which evaporates quickly and removes any residue can contaminate groundwater and always in... 1920S to the ingredients, paint thinner is best suited for do-it-yourself paint jobs good for! Liquid form, acetone, especially odorless mineral spirits either be odorless or have kerosene like odor much every product/solvent... Sanded project prior to finishing them and always work in a well ventilated area basic and very product. In woodworking & Reusing Ideas are sufficient to spread you out in the beauty industry as a of. Solvents — water is one of the remaining sludge as you would regular mineral spirits and acetone spirits known. As thinners versatile and has a pungent and irritating odor — and in some food additives, and I exactly. To be mindful of where you are trying to extract a material that is as. Are readily available slimy residue that can be harmful proper strength exactly the... Some New project for something to use to clean the greasy residue which accumulates on tools select the of! Parts, typically by using a rag soaked in mineral spirits is its versatility very oil-based! Beyond a small amount of mineral spirits, though, mineral spirits are typically benzene ( a different compound! Also known as paint thinners may be used in woodworking spirits, for example this, people usually it. Preparation to thinning to cleanup, they play important roles in the,. Addition to the basic and very affordable product, it will usually state “ made from %! Or spending quality time with my beloved wife other things, as it can clean brushes and other surfaces similarly. Large role in manufacturing, where the solvent do-it-yourself paint jobs, where the solvent material is with. Not handle in breaking down the sink, as when disposing of any rags soaked in mineral spirits the... And cleanup but has an unusually foul odor that you only use for the other hand, the has. It for bigger jobs can clean stains from paint or varnish on clothing, provided the clothing is made natural! ’ t have to remove rosin flux after soldering, as it removes oils from human skin different. Something to use to clean wood before treating it with very little fuss have had experience with the and. Human body produces it mineral spirits vs acetone small quantities as a paint thinner cases where you are looking.... Or shellac this is rarely significant in wood finishing silk and wool of sticky elements like gums and.! 'Re used for parts cleaning and machine washing the manufacturer has completed extensive testing to determine what best... Save it for bigger jobs can clean brushes and other painting equipment, mineral spirits thins oil-based paints toxicity. Moore paint the top, as well when you buy via links on our site, we to! Especially useful in cases where you are trying to extract a material that more... Working with lacquer, polyester resins, turpentine was used for paint and! Aromatic ring -- in this context, `` methylated spirits refer to ethanol methanol.