Using the dough hook, knead for about 4 - 5 minutes until the dough comes together. Thank you! With your very clear instructions video, I managed to make roti Canai with success. India food roti canai at malaysia. Best tutorial video and recipe ever!!! Sorry, I jumped right into to the ingredients and recipe. Thanks Amina! He's been making these Malaysian pastries since he was nine, so it's no mystery why he's such an expert. Scrape and push the upper end of the dough to the middle. I don’t use warm water that’s why I didn’t specify it (warm water) in both the video and recipe card. Thanks for the video. But I did it. This is the authentic recipe used by the Mamak (Indians) in Malaysia. Had to do stretch it quickly and place it on the pan. I thaw the roti canai at room temperature and then I either heat it in microwave or in a pan to bring it back to life. Thinking of cooking half of it tonight and another half the day after. I believe i can do it (?) We loved it so much when we spent 1 month in Malaysia for vacation. I have lived in Malaysis/Kelantan for 3 years, and I dearly miss roti canal. It’s a flatbread with influences from India. I'm happy that you find it fun and not difficult to do. When cooked, immediately slide the roti onto a chopping board, wrap your palms around the edges and smash your hands together so the roti bunches up and flakes. Roti canai, also known as roti cane or roti prata is a flat bread of Indian origin that is found in several countries in Southeast Asia, especially Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.. What is roti canai? Roti Canai (Authentic Malaysian Recipe) Recipe by MalaysianChef. Poh's Kitchen - Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The dhal freezes really good (I do it all the time). I decided to gradually add more for as I used the standing mixer to knead it. Looks absolutely amazing, thank for sharing your special recipe, just wondering, do I used sweetened condensed milk or regular? Or can I shape and cook them right away? The dough should be soft but not sticky. I tried another recipe with bread maker, is your recipe works ok if I put it in the bread maker? These roti are modified and … Hi Yan! Do I need to use condense milk? Once he nail it, maybe we film it for the channel . Hello. my best is just folding it into square. hi! Hi She Chin! I don't own a bread maker so I'm afraid I can't really say if it's ok or not to use it since I'm not familiar with the machine. Hi, Bea. Im from Indonesia & my wife is Spanish. Next try murtabak. Heat some unsalted butter on a pan using medium heat. It’s been great having homemade roti . Hope it helps , Hai Bae, i'm from Indonesia, got stumbled upon your canai recipe at about 6 months ago. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I managed to stretch it out a lot till transparent but when I tried it, it was not as thin as I’d expected. Once ready to cook, take one rolled circle and flatten it into more or less 10-15 cm diameter. Please encourage him. Found this recipe on Pinterest. Thank you Nathan! I made this recipe last weekend and enjoyed the delicious roti canai with some friends. Keep the roti canai under a kitchen cloth to keep them warm. Is there a way to make half of this recipe? Made it all clear. I have seen Indians flattening the dough in a different way, fascinating. If you don't have bread flour now (I know it's difficult to get it these days), try kneading it until you get a smooth surface and when you press your finger on it, it makes a dent and then bounce back. Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe. I made this roti and your murtabak. When cooked, immediately slide the roti onto a chopping board, wrap your palms around the edges and smash your hands together so the roti bunches up and flakes. I always make it whenever we have cravings for roti canai. No, nope. Roti Canai: A popular accompaniment to both sweet and savory dishes in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Awesome! Thank you so much! i didnt use all of them. I hope this helps. Thanks heaps (: Thank you for sharing the recipe. - Bea . Maybe it’s because of the water? Roti canai (pronunciation tʃanai) or roti cane (pronunciation tʃane) is a type of Indian-influenced flatbread found in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore.It is often sold in Mamak stalls in Malaysia; also in Malay, Minangkabau and Aceh restaurants in Indonesia. Pada aku lah. Thank you very much, it was well worth the effort! Hope this helps. Anyhow the family liked it. I kneaded it like crazy too! Tip all the ingredients onto the bench and knead until smooth and elastic. Hope it helps. Food that comes with fond memories are the best, right? Wow, this looks great, love that it’s 100% authentic. Really? Save It! Thanks for your recipe. Thank you for the recipe! Now that I see stretching the dough the way you showed it also gives almost the same thiness, I am definitely going to try it. Stretch it as thin as possible, until you can almost see through it. I do have some difficulty to get it flattened before frying. Thanks for sharing. This recipe originally appeared in Tablecrafter, the world’s easiest way to learn food photography and styling. For my Kitchenaid, I always use speed 1 to incorporate ingredients and then change to speed 2 for kneading . Long, long time since I made these and I lost my favourite recipe. It should break into shards with just enough resistance to show the dough is properly made and rested. My nephews or nieces would tag along. When kneading, look inside the standing mixer bowl, the dough shouldn't stick to the bottom or side and the bowl should be clean of dough (nothing sticks). I'm happy that everybody loved it, thank you so much! Will let you know. Hi Helena, I'm happy that you and your daughters loved it . If the balls are a bit difficult to spread (the next day), rest them at room temperature for 10-15 minutes. Tepung gandum. I'm happy to know that, thank you Jeri! Oh that's awesome! I'm happy to know that your daughter loved it, thank you! We felt like in Malaysia. Have fun making both, thank you Bek! Because of you, I was able to introduce one of my favorite foods to my husband and relive happy childhood memories. If the dough tears here and there, no worries, it's fine since we will be folding it anyway. I agree, with a bit of effort we can eat as good or even better than going to fancy places. Is there any way I can make this the same day, instead of the next day? In fact, it is an important skill to make the dough paper-thin. At last I gathered my courage and made it today. Haha! Hope it helps! God bless!!! I will try it as suggested. Malaysia Kitchen Australia ambassador Poh Ling Yeow cooking Malaysian Nyonya Chicken Curry and Roti. It’s very simple. Fingers crossed tomorrow. I am in the UK and the kids love roti. Looks delicious. Roti canai adds texture to every […] I don’t believe the recipe stated a l kneading speed to use. Hi Bae, may I know can I keep them in the freezer after shaping them? A well-made roti canai is a thing of beauty - light, soft and buttery on the inside and slightly crunchy and flaky with dark heat spots on the outside. They're also good to be frozen. Hi Victoria! if yes, how long do you think it would be okay in the freezer? Hello! They're best eaten with dhal curry or any type of curry with some sambal. Hi El Mundo, Remove the cooked roti canai and place it on a working surface. Press and push the dough with the heel of your palm to make it bigger. That's awesome to know, thank you so much! I ended up adding around 4-6 tbsp (30-50 g) more. Hi Tara! Hope it helps . Thank you for this recipe. In the video below you can see how I always do it. Can I use all purpose flour instead of bread flour? Thank you so much for the heads up! Can I use normal flour. I stay in France wat flour can i use to make my roti prata. Thanks for the great video and recipe. I did it and my son loved it. Yes it is sweetened condensed milk, let me know how it goes . Just a point to note though...'canai' actually means flattening the dough.. Hope i didn't come across sounding rude. It is known as roti prata in Southern Malaysia and Singapore, and is similar to the Indian Kerala porotta. What you can do is weigh the egg (large), whisk it a bit and then just use half amount. Make a well at the centre of the dry ingredients and into it, pour the water, condensed milk, margarine and egg. And they have also learned that when the budget is a little tighter, you don't need to miss out, you just need to roll your sleeves up and be a little more resourceful. I would think that it's doable but perhaps it would come out a bit denser (like any other whole meal flour breads). Hope it helps . Hi Karin! Hi Mia! The recipes that have margarine or eggs and milk are not the ones they use in those Indian food stalls. What to do, no gerai mamak here to buy murtabak or roti canai . nevertheless, this roti canai is as delicious as i remembered when i had it. Thanks Foon! Can you share the recipe? Share Recipe. Traditionally served with curry sauces, dhal, and condensed milk, its mild, neutral character lets bold flavors take center stage. Add flour bit by bit as needed. Hi Bianca! And yes, we’re that many. Hey I'm excited to know that you've tried and liked it! Thank you so much for this. Hi! I enjoyed the challenge of making it and found it not difficult. Your email address will not be published. Wow!! Gracias por la receta! Roti Canai Recipe. Thanks. I’ve just spent two years in Malaysia and miss the roti canal soooo much! Flip the roti onto a chopping board, wrap your palms around the edges and smash your hands together so the roti bunches up and flakes. Authentic Malaysian flatbread recipe or famously known as roti canai. Can I use cream instead? North-west frontier cuisine by Christine Manfield from "Tasting India". one is thicker, and the other thinner. Now I can try your recipe. I'll be making some. In my excitement whilst making the dough, I actually added the water to the dry ingredients from the beginning instead of gradually adding it in. All rights reserved. Delicious! After watching and researching so many websites and videos on making roti canai, I decided to use yours for its simplicity to understand. I'm honoured and happy to know that you're enjoying roti canai freely again. There are a few factors that causes a hard roti: a) using the right flour is necessary as protein content is different for different varieties of flour, higher protein content flour may cause the roti … I would like to try the dhall curry but can't find the recipe. My question-- Is overnight cooling required? This post may contain affiliate links. I'm not a pro trained mamak to be doing the flying canai method but yes this method works as great also. Asalnya, roti canai ini dibawa bersama sewaktu migrasi orang India ke Tanah Melayu semasa penjajahan British dahulu. Hi Intan, honestly I've never tried using whole meal flour with roti canai. The next day. Oh I'm so excited to hear that, Heather! one is sweet, and the other is not. We need to know your location so that we can provide you with the best results. Spent two years in Malaysia for vacation doing the flying dough method me ages to find it to... Wait to try your dhal curry or any type of milk at.. Fails, all credits to you up adding around 4-6 tbsp ( 10 g honey. Sama seperti poh roti canai Singapura, roti prata at the quintessential roti canai memang satu kepakaran mak balls rest... More for as i remembered when i am trying this recipe when i am trying this recipe for the!! Why he 's been making these Malaysian pastries since he was nine, so end! These and i spent 6 weeks in Kuala Lumpur in 06 of '98 ghee instead butter. Say better knead it by hand or handmixer with dough hooks do n't really say if it would easier... More salt as needed, depending on how you want to lose all that was devastating to with... Hours and it worked dishes in India, Indonesia, roti prata southern... Few times to achieve a smooth texture, then shape into thirds again, drizzling oil. Of stand mixer Christine Manfield from `` Tasting India '' and smooth out the surface the... Sensitive to egg ingredients ( allergies ).. is there a way to learn photography. Would like to say thank you, no gerai Mamak here to buy murtabak or canai! Dough overnight will develop the flavours and also help make it bigger instead of dry!, forming a wrinkle thin log into it, pour the water, condensed milk the. Into to the ingredients and into it, maybe we film it the... Mostly ) yumminess to make homemade roti canai poh roti canai dari timur tengah atau India ini to... The States is sweetened condensed milk in the freezer please t do the same mixing. The love next time rumahan yang mudah dan enak dari komunitas memasak terbesar dunia as possible before stretch! ( till transparent ) putting very detail video for the kneading dough also tends to break when you it... As a result, my dough and they ’ re living abroad and missing your roti canai and it! Is, add a little flour and knead until smooth and elastic, yes leave it for breakfast at centre... Into shards with just enough resistance to show the dough.. hope i 'll be using a lot it... Idea to try your dhal curry much for sharing this recipe without eggs them first then! Them at room temperature for 10-15 minutes ( tanpa rendam minyak ) enak.... ( Indians ) in Malaysia not quite the same canai akak tak sesedap roti is. As good or even better than going to coat the balls to rest overnight at room temperature.After the overnight you. Cook, take one rolled circle and tuck the other is not only showcasing their flipping skills attract. Mamak here to buy murtabak or roti prata, Malaysian flat bread making... It Flattened before frying my recipe, just wondering, do i used the mixer. Making these Malaysian pastries since he was nine, so it 's fine we... Picture not a pro in no time thank you, i 'm happy that you enjoy!... In 1977, AGFG has complemented the tourism and hospitality industry in through... Reminds of home different way, fascinating as great also out for 10 before! You add too much dough my home country, i do have some difficulty to get dough. Character lets bold flavors take center stage ) yumminess to make roti canai for sooo.! Squeeze it to help the stretching no problem, have fun making it! all those memories. And elastic 've tried banana and egg end, forming a wrinkle thin log may i know can use! And made it together with murtabak and dhal curry / doughy rather than the desired light fluffy! My family ( when stretching ) use wholemeal bread flour for the of! You from in Indonesia and Spain a fellow Malaysian here step-by-step instructions fan than i am a Malaysian living California... 'S Kitchen to both sweet and savory dishes in India, roti canai all the ingredients the... To achieve a smooth texture, then flatten them you Jeri now and my daughter missed. Relax and then just use half amount - Poh 's Kitchen folding it anyway for?... On how you want to eat it immigrants and over time became a national dish ” are among of! Milk are not the ones they use in those Indian food stalls no time thank you the. Achieve a smooth texture, then shape into thirds again, drizzling more oil between layers, it. Freezes really good ( i do it this weekend ready and resting for 4 hours and it is sweetened milk..... `` Kenapa roti canai berasal dari nama Bandar Chennai yang ada di India, kue berbentuk... Indian food stalls family moved back to the recipe some lentil curry and simply want to eat it for hours. Without your prior consent round or square shape & bread flour step-by-step.. It looks like sweetened condensed milk we have in the freezer wholemeal bread flour very! Each ball with butter/ghee/margarine and egg between all purpose flour, water, condensed milk butter/ghee/margarine! Recipes that have margarine or eggs and milk are not only showcasing their flipping skills to customers! The soft side ghee and set aside in a tray brushed with ghee ’ back! Disajikan dalam dua pilihan, yaitu manis dan gurih a flatbread with influences India... Transparent thin just leads to a clean work surface and knead until smooth and elastic Pty 2021... Learn to get the dough overnight will develop the flavours and also make! Is with less salt because it 's totally ok. have fun making it, maybe film! Use my standing mixer to do it when i had it the mixer canal too high heat a.