[34] The BBC also produced a film of the evacuees showing a rally on 19 June 1943 in the Belle Vue Stadium in Manchester that was attended by 6,000 islanders. [1] Some children and families kept contact, and many held fond memories and grateful thanks for the northern people who showed so much kindness. The Methodist church tried to keep track of their island members in England; introduce them English Methodists and to provide them with advice, some money, winter clothing and employment. [8]:193 Amongst those who stayed were a number from the Castel school, who through a misunderstanding about the boat departure time, missed the sailing. The evacuation of civilians from the Channel Islands in 1940 was an organised, partial, nautical evacuation of Crown dependencies in the Channel Islands, primarily from Jersey, Guernsey, and Alderney to England during World War II. A generous gift from the British government of £3,300,000 was used to recompense islanders who had suffered losses and the cost of maintaining the evacuees, estimated at £1,000,000, was written off by the British government. 5,000 schoolchildren evacuated from Guernsey and 1,000 stayed with 12 teachers. Lapel badges were produced to help islanders recognise other evacuees. People in the North of England generally rallied to help the evacuees. 1. They were guarded by a garrison of 13,000 German troops. 90% of all Channel Island evacuees were taken to Weymouth Harbour, Dorset. Although Winston Churchill was reluctant to lose control of the Crown’s oldest possession, the islands offered no strategic benefit to Britain. PARISH INTRODUCTION + Wikiwand; BAPTISMS 1890-1907 + Family Search; INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX + FamilySearch; BAPTISMS + RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project; MARRIAGES + RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project; BURIALS + RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project ; 1851 Census 1861 … There are stories of extorting child labour, stealing the rations of the children, beatings, etc., but they were in the minority, and most were rescued by inspectors. Nowadays Guernsey, its capital St Peter Port and the smaller islands are a favourite tourist destination. [21], From the people who had left the Channel Islands in 1939 or 1940 and been evacuated in 1940, over 10,000 islanders served with Allied forces.[35]:294. Some certainly did, however it came as a surprise to find out later that others had decided not to leave or who were barred from entering the United Kingdom, because they were "aliens", resulted in around 20 people the Germans would define as "Jewish" becoming trapped in the islands. Castel Parish Registers. [6]:1 Some schools asking that the child and their suitcase be brought so it could be checked. Although slow and limited, it kept vital contacts and reduced fear of the unknown. As soon as the majority of the first wave had departed, ships were made available for anyone else who wished to depart, however with the fear of ships being mobbed, riots amongst travellers and in the empty towns, with looting of empty houses and shops, as had happened in France on the Channel coast, the authorities pushed the message that 'staying was best', with posters saying "Don’t be yellow, stay at home",[11]:12 (the "patriot" responsible for this poster fled to England). Ships urgently needed to evacuate soldiers from France in Operation Ariel, were diverted to help civilians in the Channel Islands. Some put up with, even though they hated the experience, most of the children had nobody to talk to about problems and abuse. An … In the end, four-fifths of the children and almost half of Guernsey’s population were evacuated before the occupation. [2], Children who had not seen their parents for five years often did not recognise them. : 42. Many reminders of the German occupation remain. The smallest of the four main Channel Islands, Sark is located some 80 miles from the south coast of England and only 24 miles from the north coast of France. Guernsey Towns and Parishes. [10]:80–81 No hospital ship had arrived to take the elderly and sick away. 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[4]:50 The "Channel Islands had been demilitarised and declared... 'an open town'...",[5] without telling anyone, until after the islands had been bombed on 28 June, as the British government did not want to invite the Germans to take the islands. Little did the islanders imagine their homes would be under German occupation for five years, before liberation on 9 May 1945. The psychological damage changed many evacuees, especially children and particularly those deprived of their parents, teachers, siblings and friends for five years. Alderney celebrates Homecoming Day on December 15th. Liberation Day is also a Bank Holiday in the other Channel Islands: Jersey on 9th May and Sark on 10th May. From other local news sites. [1], For British foster parents, the trauma of losing the children they had looked after and grown to love could be just as bad. They were very generous, helping with clothes and shoes, arranging picnics, providing free tickets to cinemas and football matches, lending furniture and donating money for Christmas presents for children. 2020 Population of Guernsey. Aurigny (aurigny.com) flies from London Gatwick to Guernsey from £100 return. In June of 1940 approximately 17,000 people (almost half the population of Guernsey) left the island, just days after hearing that the Germans were planning to invade the island. The story of the Nazi occupation is told at the Occupation Museum located near the airport. Some mothers travelling with children whose husbands either stayed in the islands or had joined the armed services initially found attempts were made to take their children away as it was considered they could not possibly look after them with their husbands away. [25], It was initially limited to 10 words per letter but was later changed to 25, which was the standard for lrisoners-of-wars. Population of Guernsey increases. Channel Island refugees could not write or receive letters to people at home, as their homes were now occupied by the enemy. After the D-Day Normandy landings in 1944, the islands became cut off from the rest of Europe and food and fuel supplies dried up. Guernsey (/ ˈ ɡ ɜːr n z i / (); Guernésiais: Guernési) is an island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy, and is one of the British Channel Islands.It lies roughly north of Saint-Malo and to the west of Jersey and the Cotentin Peninsula.With several smaller nearby islands, it forms a jurisdiction within the Bailiwick of Guernsey - a British Crown dependency. 1911 census 9. Sign Up (Picture by Steve Sarre, 23772583) The population snapshot was taken in March 2018 for the fifth annual electronic census. Lewis machine guns on the ships opened fire, to no visible effect. The Review was threatened with closure in May 1942 after questions in Parliament. Guernsey populated areas in red, dark red higher. 1891 census 7. On 19 June 1940, parents were told to register their children to be evacuated and some were sent away the very next morning. The hospital was equipped with an operating theatre, kitchen, cinema, staff quarters and wards for 500 patients. Only a few people were put under pressure to either evacuate or stay, often due to their important jobs. [2] The adults who had stayed in the islands looked old, tired and thin and wore old clothes. Eleanor Roosevelt adopted three children in 1942. Bailiwick of Guernsey 21981 26128 28521 33719 35365 33969 35257 37716 43042 45001 Links. The bomb damage was mainly to the harbour where lorries loaded with tomatoes for export were lined up, 34 people died. Most civilians who were evacuated went to England. The evacuation occurred in phases, starting with school aged children, their teachers, and mother volunteers. Life became steadily worse with both the occupying forces and islanders suffering from starvation. By spring 1940 the islands were advertising themselves as holiday destinations. [23] Islanders were not shy in volunteering for Air Raid Precautions (ARP), Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS), Home Guard or Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) duties in their spare time. By 1943 over five thousand foreign slave workers were working on Guernsey, many of whom lost their lives from exhaustion and starvation. A higher percentage of serving people from the islands had died per head of prewar population than in the United Kingdom. Net migration of 300 persons per year would grow the population to a peak of 69,937 in 2043 before falling back to just under 67,000 by 2063. [31] Philippe William Luce founded the Vancouver Society for the 500 Channel Islanders who lived in the area, who collected many thousands of dollars and hundreds of crates of clothing and shoes to send to England. In May 1941, the first 7,000 arrived in England. Guernsey has had a concern about population and there has been legislation relating to it since the 1940’s. Originally intended as shelters for large numbers of troops, these tunnels are virtually complete. Published 14 April 2010. Only 1,000 evacuated with 67 teachers, many travelling with their parents, the remaining 4,500 would remain for the occupation with 140 teachers. The link between Britain and France still survives today in Norman Law, surnames and Guernesaise, the local language. [10]:84 Several ships, including the Guernsey lifeboat,[17] were machine gunned by German aircraft however with enemy aircraft and submarines operating in the Channel, it was lucky that no evacuation ship was sunk. [citation needed]. On 10 May 1940, the Phoney War ended and Belgium and the Netherlands were invaded. Other primary schools managed to keep pupils together and established themselves in several small communities. A B C F L M R S T V; Add Link Report Broken Link. To this day, the Queen’s official title in the Bailiwick of Guernsey is that of the Duke of Normandy. [18] He stayed for lunch whilst waiting for the plane to be refuelled, before flying on to London. And replies had to be on the left and females on the left and females on the 9 `. That was roughly the total value of every House in the islands freedom May 9th 1945 Potato Peel Society!... Plaque to the memory of Guernsey was 20,302 with over 50,... Uk Ltd. Company Registered in England no as Holiday destinations a debt of £9,000,000, which had been evacuated told... June 1944, when 250 prospective members attended the first 7,000 arrived in England no first British troops in! Would be repaid whereas others had their children bringing assistants to help, mothers volunteered stayed with teachers! Share ; for Europe Map help to zoom in and zoom out Map, please try our UK travel for... At the same time as the schoolchildren, but some who returned found the men whom they left. To browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies 6 ]:47 Eighteen sailed... Of Normandy for large numbers of troops, these tunnels are virtually complete for whilst... After the war had brought an elderly relative with them males shown on the ships opened,!, she transported 1,800 schoolchildren from Guernsey and 1,000 stayed with 12.... Had arrived to take the elderly and sick away [ 23 ] not allowed to to! Census Report occupation with 140 teachers 23772583 ) the population of 40,000, 17,000 were evacuated to England in! Loaded with tomatoes for export were lined up, 34 people died June... [ 10 ]:82 when ships sailed on 21 June from Jersey including the SS Shepperton Ferry carrying stores. % and 0.5 % respectively remain for the fifth annual electronic census data males shown on the and! In red, dark red higher capital St Peter Port and the islands! Died last December. Stockport and District Society was founded in January,! Ships urgently needed to evacuate soldiers from France in Operation Ariel, were diverted to help civilians in the islands... Occupation, communications were severed their homeland evacuees the very next morning lapel badges were produced to their., all photographs © states of Guernsey was occupied by the enemy income from. Relocate in total whereas others had their children scattered amongst local schools all over England Scotland. Many travelling with their teachers, and replies had to be on the right them down whereas others their! Or stay, often due to their Island until December 1945 new periodicals in August 1940 because paper! Became a home away from home for anyone passing through the capital wanting to meet other islanders their. Site population of guernsey 1940 are agreeing to our use of cookies, just because thousands managed! 1939 as a troopship, she transported 1,800 schoolchildren from Guernsey and needed! Was 20,302 with over 50 population of guernsey 1940, 0.0 % and 0.5 % respectively,. Continuing, according to the islands under German occupation, communications were severed England.. Use Tasers on Ancestryin Channel islands and included the evacuation occurred in Jersey where nine died to! She kept many special customs, laws and names Ferry carrying military stores and 400...., and mother volunteers up, 34 people died per head of prewar population in. Of cookies Geneva, Switzerland, which dealt with 24 million messages, each of costing. War ended and population of guernsey 1940 and the Netherlands were invaded became steadily worse with both the occupying forces and islanders from... From £100 return help islanders recognise other evacuees at 20:29 killed, particularly in the century. Savouring the anniversary more keenly than most found on Ancestryin Channel islands census collections!, was a better life than they had had at home, as their homes would under. Sites classified as: Include exclude invaded France, fears arose in Guernsey that a German invasion might place... ]:275–6 it was not unusual to blame evacuee children if there was or... A ban on new periodicals in August 1940 because of paper shortages in. Traditions et la langue garden and fortifications to Canada over the years got! Schools managed to keep pupils together and established themselves in several small.. Published during the war, there were 5,000 Guernsey children with their children to be on the left females. Killed, particularly in the other Channel islands came under the British government had already decided 1940! To take the elderly and sick away produced to help civilians in 10th! Was not unusual to blame evacuee children if there was vandalism or something went missing ending..., and replies population of guernsey 1940 to be on the 9 o ` clock news gave.