Yucca elephantipes is a small evergreen tree reaching around 9 metres (30′) in the wild, but it is usually smaller in cultivation. To start this process, use a sharp knife and remove an offset from the main plant. Avoid cutting from both very young canes and old canes. How Much Sunlight Should a Yucca Receive? 1.Axillary branching of Yucca aloifoliaon QL medium containing 1.5 mg l-1 BAP and 0.08 mg l-1 NAA. Drought Resistant Karpov P.A. Place the plant in a sunny, warm place. Biochem. Thick and stiff, the evergreen leaves, 2 ft. long (60 cm), feature small, sharp serrations on the margin and a very sharp tip. From summer to autumn it produces white, bell-shaped flowers in large panicles. flexifolia: 2 vendors have this plant for sale. 2 Amaranthaceae - Anacardiaceae . Yucca aloifolia is a thicket-forming plant with very sharp, stiff, rough-surfaced leaf blades, with the old leaves browning, pointing down and drying plastered against the stems in a long petticoat of dead leaves. Yuccas ought to get full sun to part sun. Take the cutting in late spring or early summer. Flowering Plants of Hawaii. Scarring the seed means that you gently rub the seed with some sandpaper or a file to “scar” the seed coating. Initially, keep the seeds in moist sand in your fridge winter-long. 2000. times, Need more criteria? We have combined these two powerful search tools into a single Find a Plant service searching over 250,000 plant records. 1992. Join Planting yucca seed is another possible way to do yucca tree propagation. Propagation In spring place stem cuttings 20-25cm long, measured from the tip, in coarse sandy rooting compost. Other common names Spanish bayonet dagger plant . These plants will have a lot more details displayed including an image. Your yucca plant cutting should be taken from mature growth rather than new growth as mature wood is less prone to rot. Adding vertical structure to the garden, Yucca aloifolia (Spanish Bayonet) is a very ornamental, broadleaf evergreen shrub, simple or densely branched, boasting terminal rosettes of sword-shaped, dagger-like, deep green leaves. Search by plant name, key attributes or both to find plant details and a list of For the best results remove the bottom leaves of the stem before planting. They are, however, interesting and slow-growing houseplants that have the added benefit of being extremely drought tolerant. Put it in a place where is will get indirect light. How to Propagate a Yucca Plant. Yucca Seed Pod Propagation To obtain seeds, harvest seed capsules from an established plant as they start to dry. Propagation. They are also popular houseplants. from the plant as the cutting. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Weak-Leaf Yucca Plant (Yucca flaccida) Yucca flaccida can be identified by its sword-like leaves that tend to droop. Wait for your yucca plant to produce an offshoot from its trunk that you want to remove. Asparagaceae, Genus Genus Yucca can be evergreen perennials, shrubs or trees, with dense or loose rosettes of stiff, sword-shaped leaves and tall panicles of bell-shaped flowers . Foliage Color: Unknown - Tell us. Yucca Aloifolia from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: sharply pointed evergreen sword-shaped leaves. The US native plant has numerous species and assortments that develop well (e.g., Yucca Aloifolia, Yucca Filamentosa, Yucca Gloriosa). Remove the offshoot when it has leaves six inches in length or longer with shears or a sharp knife. propagation - Propagating Yucca Aloifolia (Spanish Bayonet/Aloe Yucca) from root cuttings?